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Bringing Images to Life

"North Dakota may not be the most famous of states, but it doesn’t take long for a transplant to recognize the stunning beauty of the prairie—its sunrises, sunsets, and the open spaces. Luckily, we have local artists who are more than willing to recreate those vistas via paints, canvas and chalks. Amanda Hagen of Leonard wants everyone to be surrounded by the wonder of North Dakota." - Jan Russell, Cass County Reporter


What an honor to be featured in the Cass County Reporter this week. (Hint: Pick up your hard copies at the Leonard Convenience Store or sign up online for a subscription to the Cass County Reporter!) It was absolutely delightful getting to know Jan, and coming to find that we are actually neighbors! I don't believe that anything in life happens by chance. My friend, Rebecca Rodine Undem likes to call those experiences 'God Winks' and I couldn't agree more.

Small world, big blessings.

Click the link below to learn about the rural, North Dakota inspired original art that gets created at Heartstrings Art Studio.

-Amanda Hagen

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