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My name is Amanda Hagen.

I am the owner and founder of Heartstrings Art Studio.  I'm a North Dakota based rural, ranch, agriculture, and Christian inspired acrylic and oil painter.  My passion is to create impressionist paintings that "feel like home."

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My Story

Heartstrings Art Studio was founded in 2020. 

I was fortunate during the Pandemic of 2020 to be able to work remotely during quarantine.  At that time, I was practicing as an Architect and the demands of my career were very stressful to begin with - but further compounded by stress and demands of the times we were living in.  Struggling with burnout, I turned to a creative outlet to focus my energy towards something other than work:  painting. 


At first it was a hobby I came to greatly enjoy.  Before long, I had multitudes of paintings scattered throughout my house and my husband asked me one day "so.....what's your plan with all of these?" His question gave me pause.  I didn't really have a plan.  My plan was to focus on hobby that would alleviate burnout, but I hadn't thought beyond that point when I would physically have to deal with the fruits of my hobby.  That evening I shared my work on social media, which was outside of my comfort zone.  To my surprise in the coming weeks, I began to get inquiries on people wishing to purchase my art.  Thus, Heartstrings Art Studio was born and the rest is history.  

I am always humbled that my clients would choose to welcome my art into their home.  Art is such a deeply personal selection and I am honored when someone chooses mine.  The name "Heartstrings" comes from the deep emotions associated with a meaningful piece of art - whether it's during its creation or an unexplained nostalgia from a client connecting with a piece.  Art explains what words can not.  Art should "feel like home." 


I continue to be amazed by this journey I am on:  where it has led me, the connections it has fostered in my life, and where it will lead me future forward.  

I can't wait to meet you and share a small part of your journey with you. 

Thanks for reading.



My Story (Audio Version)

Click the link below to listen to Growing Small Towns' "Meet the Maker" podcast episode for more on the story behind Heartstrings Art Studio.

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