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2024 Takk for Alt - Negaard Commission

Medium + Size:

36"x24" Oil on Canvas



About the Piece

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My client gifted this piece as a surprise to her Dad. The piece depicts the original barn and family homestead where her ancestors settled from Norway. The barn and family home are unfortunately no longer standing. You can see how meaningful the farm is to the family by the inscription on the family's grave marker, which my client wanted to incorporate into the piece. The inscription reads:

"The Negaard family trace their roots to a homestead less than a mile northwest of here. Five generations lived on that farm. Ingeborg and his wife Ingebrigt came from Norway with their son, Loui. Loui married Mary Stompro and they had two children, Julius and Idella. Julius and Doreen Negaard had four sons, Jerome, Larry, Donald, and Paul. Jerome's four children are Jeffrey, Amanda, Mari, and Paul. The younger Negaards owe many thanks for their hard work and diligence.

The generations have come and gone. The loving memories continue on. Home is where the heart is. Takk for Alt."

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